Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Kingdom Assignments

More Kingdom Assignments have been turned in (even though they've been completed for a while).

One person "took wrapped/bowed poinsettias to the ladies of Vision House." Their responses were: "ooh, aah! Flowers! Look how pretty!" (cummulative servers 113/served 725)

One couple worte: "We called the schools and Scott city Middle school called us back and said there were six children that the parents could not affor to pay their lunch bills, so with the help of FCC we were able to catch up the past bills and make the children current on their lunch bills for a month. Thanks FCC! We were notified on arrival from the secretary that since we were able to catch up the past due bills, the children would quality for free lunches from now on." (cummulative servers 115/served 731)

A family reports: "We baked and delivered Christmas cookies to our neighbors and attached a Conections card to each containter." (cummulative servers 118/served 779)

Another family writes: We "helped a family with groceries for Christmas." (cummulative servers 120/served 784).

It's exciting to continue reading these reports? Are there any more? :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Week of December 14

We received another Kingdom Assignment this Sunday: A family provided Christmas for a local family (cummulative servers 112/ served 713).

We had a family visit our church this Sunday because they had seen a basket at Monticello House with a "Connection Card" identifying our church. Praise the Lord!!

I would like to reflect on the Kingdom Assignment after the first of the year (we may have more reports yet)...but for now: THANK YOU FOR ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dec 7 Reports

The Kingdom Assignment reports continue to come in...

One family reports, "We purchased a $25 gift card from Walmart and a greeting card for a local secretary who is battling colon cancer; has two school-aged children and her husband is incarcerated. We wrote her a long encouragement note in the card. We've received a thank you note and she passes on her blessings to our church for being 'light' in the community." (cummulative servers 92/served 435).

Another writes that they "baked brownies and delivered them to local Fruitland businesses...gas stations, hardware stores, Mulberry Acres office and a few neighbors. We got good responses with alot of 'thank yous' and smiles!" (cummulative servers 96/served 455)

"We bake homemade cookies and made hot cocoa - then set up a table on the Jackson Parade route. We had a sign that read 'Free hot cocoa and cookies. Merry Christmas from Fruitland Community Church." Had the FCC Kingdom Assignment card attached to each bag of cookies. We got lots of positive responses and 'thank yous.'" (cummulative servers 103/served 555)

A couple took a welcome basket to a new family in the neighborhood and also a book for a lady schedule for a double masectomey. The family thanked them and the lady had said that she had wanted the book. (cummulative servers 105/served 559)

One reports: "gave neighbor the money for groceries...his home health aide bought his grocerys with the $25.00. He needed the groceries bad! He was very, very thankful! He has been reading his Bible and having someone come and see him regularly." (cummulative servers 106/served 560).

Three folks gave out 150 cups of hot chocolate in Jesus name (and FCC's) at the Cape Christmas parade! There were alot of happy, warm people. The family was really excited about the positive responses from the people they encountered. (cummulative servers 109/served 710)

It is so exciting to read these reports...I'll comment more later (I think there are a few reports to come). May the Lord bless these seeds of intentional kindness in His name!

For the Kingdom!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Third round of 11/30 reports

Here is the last of this past Sunday's reports. They have been truly a joy to read!

A family reports that they "bought food for a needy family suggested to us by a local social worker." (cummulative servers 92/436 served)

"Our family purchased all natural foods from Trader Joes and delivered them to a friend who has stage 4 colon concer. She was very thankful and it helped life her spirits." (cummulative servers 96/437 served).

Another family "filled a basket with bath products, slippers, chocolate and a candle for someone who has gone through a divorce and is having a hard time dealing with the stress (she was married for 30 years) and who is also having serious recent health problems. She was shocked and very grateful to receive the basket." (cummulative servers 99/438 served).

"20 muffins from My Daddy's Cheesecake were bought for my co-workers." (cummulative servers 100/served 458)

Another family describes their KA project: "Cooked breakfast for Oak Ridge School's kitchen staff and helpers and brought it to them. They were very grateful and sent me a thank you note in the mail. They wanted me to be sure and tell my church how much they were touched by the gesture and that they appreciated it very much." (cummulative servers 103/served 468).

Two families went together to deliver Thanksgiving baskets in a local mobile home community. The mobile community manager matched the $50 and the families decorated and delivered 5 food baskets to families. Great pictures of cooperation! (cummulative servers 109 servers/488 served)

I'm sure there will be some more reports turned in, but that is all for now. Isn't it amazing what God has done in and through us? What could He continue to do in and through you?

Because we know, because we love.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Second Round of 11/30 Reports

Here are more reports!!

A family "had 3 large pizzas and two 2-liters delivered to the librarians at Riverside Regional in Jackson." (Cummulative servers 76/served 354)

"We took our Kingdom Assignment money and added more to it to give to a family in the Fruitland area. This family has a child on our child's soccer team. Both parents work hard to pay the bills, but are still struggling. We gave the money to help them give their children a nice Christmas. Thank you for this opportunity to leet us help another family in need and to hopefully help make their holidays more enjoyable." (Cummulative servers 82/served 359).

A family reported that "pumpkin pies were delivered to 4 neighbors and a co-worker (who lost a daughter in May) for thanksgiving dinners." (cummulative servers 84/served 368).

A unique project was done by a young couple: "$5 in quarters were put in ziplock baggies with the FCC card in it and passed out to 5 people in the laundry mat here in Jackson. The folks were surprised and confused. One person almost refused because of pride." (cummulative servers 86/served 373).

"We bought a coat and several pairs of gloves and a few sock caps. We gave them to North Elementary. They will be used by any child who needs them fo recess or other outdoor activity. The counselor was very grateful. She promised to show the 'Sharing God's Love' card to the kids that used them." (cummulative servers 88/served 385)

"Our neighborhood has had conflicts and drama over the past few years. We baked bread and took it to our neighbors on Thanksgiving morning. We talked to some of the families and left it in a safe place for those who weren't home. We believe that this helped to begin the healing. We are looking forward to a more loving and peaceful neighborhood. This is just the beginning." (cummulative servers 90/served 432).

AWESOME!! More reports will be posted tomorrow...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

First round of 11/30 reports

Several reports came in this morning and it has been fun to read them! I won't get them all posted tonight, but I'll get started...

A family "took hot pumpkin muffins to the police/fire station in Jackson on Thanksgiving. It took awhile for someone to come to the frong and then she seemed confused at first then happy, after I said we just wanted to thank them for their service from or church and the card was in the basket of goodies." (cummulative servers 58/cummulative served 282)

"We bought muffins for my co-workers, most whom don't attend church. I told them it was a gift from FCC because we care and God loves them. This was part of a large effort by our church to do deliberate acts of kindness. They love them and asked the church was. It gave a great opportunity for me to show Christ's love to them." (cummulative servers 60/served 302).

A couple "took cookies to the big rig repair shop (20 people) and Fruitland America Meat Company (5 people). Also took a $15 gift certificate to our single next door neighbor who doesn't go to church that we know of." (cummulative servers 62/served 328).

One family "delivered flowers and book (The Purpose Driven Life) to a lady who had her leg amputated. We also delivered flowers and/treats to 7 neighbors. The response was very positive for the most part although one couple shut us out quickly." (cummulative serves 67/served 336).

Two families went together: We have been making burp cloths for expectant moms. We machine embroidery a design on the burp cloth and then personalize it with the baby's name. So far, we have been making them for expectant moms at Metro Business College. As of January 2009 we are going to continue the K.A. through this next year. We will be adding another group of moms. We will be making burp cloths for moms who have newborns in neonatal intensive car unit at Southeast Missouri Hospital. (cummulative servers 71/served 342).

There are many more reports to come...keep checking back! My heart is full reading these reports!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23 Reports

Wow...more fun reports to read!! Here are some creative ways that God's love has been shared with God's people...

"I know of a single mother who is really struggling financially. On Sunday, she told me that she has $11.00 to last until she got paid on Thursday and she was out of gas. I gave her a $25.00 gas card so she could get to world and get her son to and from school." (cummulative total: 41 servers/234 served).

"With the $25, we purchased 5 NT Japanese Bibles and take them to Japan when we go on Nov. 25. We will travel in Japan for a week, then we will be in Singapore for a week. During that time we will prayerfully distribute 6 English Bibles. Please be in prayer fo rthe people God wants to receive these Bibles." (44 cummulative servers/245 served)

"Bought Casting Crowns CDs for ladies at Vision House and Mending Hearts. I gave them to the girls at CR and asked them to share with other women. They were very thankful." (commulative total: 45 servers/247 served).

"We delivered Pizza Pro and Movie Gallery gift cards with a box of warm cookies to two neighborhood families, along with connection cards and personal notes. They were surprised and pleased. One family invited us in to visit and asked us to come back again." (cummulative total 47 servers/253 served)."

"The college students at our Bible study had been humorously complaining of their meal plans on campus--how they usually don't have quite as many meals or the quality of meals they'd like. So we treated the five of them to $5 each to have a nice sandwich or taco on afternoon. All the students were extremely greateful and expressed a profusion of thanks and admiration for the church's program." (cummulative total: 49 servers/258 served)

"We took toys, blanket, books, etc. to a 2 year old little girl that had been left by her mother with her grandmother. When she got her, she had nothing and hadn't been cared for very well. The little girl was so excited and the grandmother was very appreciative. Thank you for this opportunity to help someone." (cummulative total: 53 servers/262 served)

May these seeds of kindness take root in somebody's heart!