Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Kingdom Assignments

More Kingdom Assignments have been turned in (even though they've been completed for a while).

One person "took wrapped/bowed poinsettias to the ladies of Vision House." Their responses were: "ooh, aah! Flowers! Look how pretty!" (cummulative servers 113/served 725)

One couple worte: "We called the schools and Scott city Middle school called us back and said there were six children that the parents could not affor to pay their lunch bills, so with the help of FCC we were able to catch up the past bills and make the children current on their lunch bills for a month. Thanks FCC! We were notified on arrival from the secretary that since we were able to catch up the past due bills, the children would quality for free lunches from now on." (cummulative servers 115/served 731)

A family reports: "We baked and delivered Christmas cookies to our neighbors and attached a Conections card to each containter." (cummulative servers 118/served 779)

Another family writes: We "helped a family with groceries for Christmas." (cummulative servers 120/served 784).

It's exciting to continue reading these reports? Are there any more? :)

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